What better time than now?

Me llamo Angelica.Twenty-one, queer, xicana, born and raised in Los Angeles, living all over California, studying art at UC Santa Cruz, blogging about whatever the fuck I want.
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peter parker’s job is literally selling his selfies to the daily bugle

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I just spent way too much time taking selfies.

portrait of strugglingtobeheard <3


GameCube start screen montage.

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Thick everything. Thick thighs, thick eyebrows, thick lips. Thick everything.

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"A woman-of-color who writes poetry or paints or dances or makes movies knows there is no escape from race or gender when she is writing or painting. She can’t take off her color and sex and leave them at the door or her study or studio. Nor can she leave behind her history. Art is about identity, among other things, and her creativity is political."

Gloria Anzaldúa, Making Face/Making Soul: Haciendo Caras — Creative and Cultural Perspectives by Women of Color  (via jalwhite)

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I have class from 5-6:45 and then another from 7-10, and then I need to drop by MEChA from whenever I get out of class till around 11.

It helps to type it out so it stays at the front of my thoughts and I can focus.

I do not have the time to stop right now.

But I’ve been all kinds of tired, depressed, and unmotivated lately.

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